College Portrait of Undergraduate Education

College Portrait of Undergraduate Education

Sign Up for the VSA

Joining the VSA is a simple process.

First, review the VSA participation agreement and click I AGREE.

This action will take you to a contact information form. Once the contact information is submitted the designated contacts will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions to complete the registration.

Note: The university official contact is typically the president or provost and the primary contact is often the director of institutional research.

Questions? Contact the VSA Executive Director at

The VSA is funded through annual dues paid by participating institutions. The dues levels are changing starting in 2017 as we implement the new Vision for the VSA. Dues are $1,000 per participating institution and are billed for the calendar year. The institution agrees to remit payment of the participation dues each year in a timely manner.

Participation Agreement

During Fall 2016, the VSA is in transition to implement our new Vision. We welcome and encourage institutions who are interested in the VSA to complete the sign up process, but please note that the terms of the Participation Agreement are being updated to reflect the new suite of data, data products and tools, and professional development opportunities we will be offering starting in 2017. Institutions will be asked to re-affirm their participation under the new Participation Agreement in late 2016.