College Portrait of Undergraduate Education

College Portrait of Undergraduate Education
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University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Diversity on campus takes many forms, including student and faculty race/ethnicity, average age of students, and experiences with diverse people and ideas. The Campus Diversity page is a great place to start!

Find out at a glance what it's like to attend classes at an institution - including which majors are most popular and what active learning experiences students engage in - with the Life on Campus page.

Find out about how much it costs to attend an institution, including what students actually pay after scholarships and grants, and the average debt of graduates on the Costs, Aid, & Debt page.

The Student Profile page shows at a glance who attends an institution, providing information on race/ethnicity, gender, and average age of all students as well as information on new freshmen.

See which degrees are awarded most often, how many seniors engaged in active learning experiences like study abroad and internships, graduation outcomes, and average debt of graduates on the Student Outcomes page.