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University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

We are excited that you are considering the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as you look to continue your education. UW-La Crosse is a top-rated institution in the prestigious University of Wisconsin System.

We offer a wide range of both undergraduate and graduate academic programs and we invite you to visit our campus to see why students from across the United States and the world choose UW-La Crosse. If exceptional academic programs, an active social scene, a friendly community, and beautiful surroundings that can not be matched are important to you, make sure you take a close look at UW-La Crosse.

Advising & Selecting a Major Arts Athletics & Recreational Sports
La Crosse Community Student Involvement Student Support
International Opportunities The Racquet (Student Newspaper) Undergraduate Research

Living in the Eagles Community

At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, you can surround yourself with academically talented students on a medium-sized campus and take advantage of opportunities usually found only at larger campuses.

Graphic Silhouette of College Students

We can help you select a major, locate a tutor, conduct research, find an internship, prepare for your career or graduate study, plus so much more. You will not be bored at UW-La Crosse. A busy arts and athletics scene combined with over 160 student organizations and involvement opportunities will keep you active. In addition, the La Crosse area is unique with its recreational and outdoor opportunities, beautiful surroundings, and entertainment. After visiting campus, you will easily see why so many students call the UW-La Crosse community home.