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At UW-Stout, Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, programs prepare students for productive careers in industry, commerce, education and human services through the study of applied mathematics and science, art and design, business and management, social and behavioral sciences, education, family and consumer sciences, select engineering programs, applied technologies, select health studies, and technical communication. UW-Stout graduates live, think and work creatively.

UW-Stout has been designated Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University by the UW System Board of Regents. UW-Stout offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for professional careers. We blend theory with practice to produce innovative solutions to real world problems. We also work closely with business, industry and other educational institutions to benefit students and grow the economy. UW-Stout offers 46 undergraduate programs, 23 graduate programs, and a doctorate degree, to more than 9,370 students. Our unique approach has helped UW-Stout graduates achieve an average employment rate of 97 percent for the past 10 years. UW-Stout was honored in 2001 as a winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Our eStout program ensures that every undergraduate has a laptop for use inside and out of the classroom. Technology has become part of UW-Stout’s DNA, paying tremendous benefits for students after they join a workplace dominated by technology.

Living in the UW-Stout Community

Involvement and innovation typify student life at UW-Stout, Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University. Programs prepare students for productive careers in business, industry, technology, education, human development, and art and design. Students from around the world are drawn by outstanding curriculum, faculty with a record of service to students, and excellent facilities.

Academics are stressed at UW-Stout, but the university offers a full range of services, programs and organizations to ensure our students have the support and options they need for a fulfilling university experience. These services, programs and organizations encourage students to grow outside the classroom. Student Services offices on campus provide academic advising, career and personal counseling, disability assistance and multicultural services. Our eStout office administers the program that distributes a laptop computer to every undergraduate. There are nearly150 student organizations on campus. Our Stout Student Association is a key member of the governance structure on campus. As an NCAA Division III institution, we field 18 athletic teams. We offer intramural sports that serve more than 3,500 participants a year. Two fitness centers provide cardio and weight machines and fitness classes for students’ use. Other areas of our Student Life Services include University Dining, University Housing and the Memorial Student Center. Finally, the city of Menomonie and surrounding area offer recreational, entertainment and shopping options.