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The University of Utah

As a world-renowned Tier 1 university and a member of the Pac-12, the University of Utah ranks among the world’s top 100 research universities and top 75 public universities in the U.S. The U offers over 100 undergraduate majors and more than 90 graduate degree programs.

The high standard of educational and research excellence is exhibited by our world-class faculty—many of whom are international experts in their fields, members of elite academic organizations, and winners of coveted awards, which include the National Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize. We’re also ranked at the top of the nation for start-up companies and university hospital quality.

Living in the U of U Community


Increasingly, the breadth and caliber of programs at the University of Utah are attracting students who want a top-quality education in an extraordinary setting. Motivated students wishing for a transformative college experience—one that enables them to compete in the global workplace—are discovering rigorous opportunities throughout the U’s many areas of study. Our combination of world-class education in a unique location differentiates the U from other top-tier research institutions. Our focus encompasses a forward-thinking problem-solving perspective that positions graduates as leaders in the critical domains of energy, environmentalism, sustainability, and urban planning; internationalism and entrepreneurism; genetics, bioengineering, and health sciences; and the fine arts and humanities.