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New Student Applications (Fall 2013)

Of the 9,832 new freshman applicants, 69% were admitted and 51% of the admitted students enrolled at The University of Texas-Pan American in Fall 2013.
Of the 2,197 transfer applicants, 89% were admitted and 64% of the admitted students enrolled at The University of Texas-Pan American in Fall 2013.

New Freshmen High School Background and Test Scores

Test(s) Required for Admission: SAT or ACT recommended

Shows middle 50% of testing range
Test Scores of Enrolled New Freshmen ACT SAT
Composite 18 - 22  
Math 17 - 23 450 - 540
English 16 - 21  
Critical Reading   410 - 520
50% of enrolled students have test scores within the ranges listed, 25% have scores above, and 25% have scores below.
High School Preparation
High School Background of Enrolled New Freshmen
Percent in top 25% of High School Graduating Class 53%
Percent in top 50% of High School Graduating Class 83%
Percent of new freshmen reporting High School Rank 92%
Average High School GPA Data Not Available