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Majors and Degrees

Degrees awarded at University of North Texas at Dallas in 2014-15
Bachelor's 386
Master's 94
Total 480

Areas of Study with the largest number of bachelor's degrees awarded in 2014-15
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other. 44%
Criminal Justice/Safety Studies. 17%
Business/Commerce, General. 7%
Organizational Behavior Studies. 6%
Sociology. 6%

Bachelor’s Degree Recipients’ First-destination Survey Results

Graduates of University of North Texas at Dallas follow many paths in their first year after receiving their degree. We asked about their first destination after graduation using the following question:

Q1 - What is your full name? (Maiden Name if applicable)

Q2 - Month of Graduation

Q3 - What school did you graduate from?

Q4 - What was your major(s)?

Q5 - What best describes your post-graduation activities at this time? (select all that apply)

Q6 - Name of Employer

Q7 - Position Title

Q8 - Location (City/State)

Q9 - Is your job or graduate major related to your undergraduate major/program of study?

Q10 - What one or two resources were most effective in actually leading to your job (select all that apply)?

Q11 - If you are attending Graduate or Professional School, what is the degree you plan to receive?

Q12 - What graduate school are you planning to attend?


Q13 - If you used the Career Center, how would you rate the overall quality?


Q14 - Approximately when did you actively begin searching for this job?

Q15 - What is the industry of employment?

Q16 - Prior to graduation, what type of experience(s) did you have? (Select all that apply)

Q17 - Based on the previous selections, what were the name of the employer(s)?

Q18 - How satisfied are you with your experiences at UNT Dallas?

Q19 - If you could start over, would you choose the same program of study?

Q20 - What is your student ID# (Ex. 01202016)

Q21 - How would you define your employment status?

Q22 - What is your salary range (will be kept confidential)?

Q23 - What branch of the military do you serve in?

Q24 - What is your rank?


Q25 - Part-time employment is generally defined as a position in which the graduate works less than 30 hours per week. How would you classify your experience?


Q26 - What is the name of the employer?

Q27 - Where is it located? (City/State)

Q28 - What is the job title?

Q29 - Is your job or graduate major related to your career goals?

Q30 - Prior to receiving your current job offer, how many organizations did you interview with?

Q31 - How many job offers did you receive?

Q32 - Is there anything related to planning for your first destination after college that you would do differently?

Q33 - What two career tips or pieces of advice would you offer to rising seniors/graduate students?

Q34 - How long have you been with your current employer?

Graduates were asked to select only their primary activity that best matched their plans after graduation. Some graduates may pursue multiple options at the same time, which is important to keep in mind when reviewing these results. 35% responded and their answers are shown in the chart below