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Winthrop University, nationally recognized for its quality and value, is a comprehensive institution of higher education that embodies the characteristics essential to being one of the best universities of its kind: a carefully selected student body of high academic achievement and cultural diversity; a national caliber curriculum of the arts, sciences, and professions; a residential educational experience emphasizing personal identity and close relationships; and values that emphasize deep learning, quality teaching, and engaged public service. Winthrop’s mission emphasizes the university’s collective responsibility to help students “acquire and develop knowledge, skills, capabilities and values that enrich their lives and prepare them to meet the needs and challenges of the contemporary world including the ability to communicate effectively, appreciate diversity, work collaboratively, synthesize knowledge, solve complex problems and adapt to change."

Living in the Winthrop Community

Winthrop University is home to more than 6,000 students who have numerous opportunities to learn and grow on the historic, tree-lined campus. Located half an hour from Charlotte, N.C., Winthrop offers students a broad range of leadership, mentoring and tutoring programs to engage them to become active citizens and lifelong learners. Service learning experiences are available for students to participate in organized community service that addresses local needs while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community. Winthrop has more than 150 student organizations, 18 NCAA Division I sports, and an active intramural program. The men’s basketball team has earned a spot in the NCCA tournament nine times out of the past 15 years as the Big South Conference representative, while the women’s tennis team has participated in the NCAA tournament five times in the last six years.