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Clemson University

About Clemson University

More than 20,000 students call Clemson University "home" each academic year. Why? Because Clemson has a way of doing things differently. Clemson is more than a top-tier research university, more than big-time science and engineering, and more than course schedules and final exams. It's about providing experiences and enrichment opportunities that create leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Clemson is one of 68 public and 51 private institutions selected to receive a 2008 community engagement classification from the Carnegie Foundation in the areas of Curricular Engagement and Outreach and Partnerships. It joins 76 other institutions that were selected in 2006 — the only other year of selections — out of 4,391 accredited colleges and universities in the nation. Set in a college town with a beautiful backdrop of lake fronts and mountains, Clemson attracts students looking for a strong sense of community, school spirit and a love of winning - in academics, in athletics and in life. We invite you to get more. We invite you to Clemson University!

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Living in the Tigers Community

Clemson Resources for Student Success

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Clemson offers a number of resources to help make your Clemson Experience the best it can be, whether it is offering you academic support or helping you find a students' organization that fits your interests. With nearly half of classes at Clemson having fewer than 20 students, Clemson professors get to know their students and explore innovative ways of teaching. It is the one reason Clemson's retention and graduation rates rank among the highest in the country among public schools. It is the way Clemson continues to attract some of the country's best students who seek intellectual challenge. Clemson provides educational and enrichment opportunities to create leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs solving real-world problems through research, outreach and public service. The University's over 20,000 students can select from 70 undergraduate and 100 graduate degree programs offered by five colleges. Clemson is well known for its prominent athletic programs and for the spirit of its fans. Another important aspect of Clemson is its dedication to improving the world through public service. If you are in the area, tune your radio to Clemson's student station, WSBF 88.1 FM. Of course, the best way to see what it is like to be a Clemson student is to come to campus. We would love to see you!