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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Learning Outcomes

Edinboro University is committed to achieving its mission of ensuring student success through a process of planning and assessment of student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness. As part of this commitment the university has adopted a sustainable, comprehensive plan to assess the extent to which students learn and how the institution makes effective use of its fiscal, human, and physical resources. The overall purpose of institutional assessment is to determine the degree to which the institution has been able to meet its mission and goals. 

Each division and department within the university is responsible for assessing the effectiveness with which it completes its tasks and responsibilities, and all units file periodic assessment reports to demonstrate progress. Academic departments that are subject to external accreditation may submit reports filed as part of their reporting to those accrediting authorities.  Assessment results are analyzed on a scheduled basis within each unit and strategies developed for improvement. Appropriate vice presidents and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee also review student learning and institutional assessment results to determine common themes and issues which may benefit from institution‐level action.
Learning Assessment Examples