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Student Activities and Involvement at CSI

In spring 2016, the College of Staten Island (CSI) participated in the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) and Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) for College Senior Survey (CSS). The CSS is an exit survey for graduating seniors which collects valuable information about seniors’ satisfaction with their college experience, student-faculty interaction, degree aspirations, and post-college plans.

The CSS was administered using a random sampling procedure. Courses with at least 40 percent of seniors enrolled were selected as part of the sampling pool. These eligible courses were than randomly selected to participate. Faculty members who agreed to have their students participate were sent the surveys and instructions for administration. In spring 2016, 2,495 seniors were enrolled, of which 811 were surveyed and 510 responded to the survey. Of the 510 responding seniors, 56 percent (N=286) indicated that they were graduating at the end of the spring semester. The results below are based on the graduating seniors’ responses.

Institutions participating in the VSA program measure student involvement on campus using one of four national surveys. Results from the one survey are reported for a common set of questions selected as part of VSA. Following are the selected results from the College Senior Survey (CSS from the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP). The questions have been grouped together in categories that are known to contribute to student learning and development. The results reported below are based on the responses of seniors who participated in the survey.

Group Learning Experiences

  • 96% of seniors have discussed course content with students outside of class
  • 84% of seniors have studied with other students
  • 6% of seniors spent at least 6 hours per week in student clubs/groups

Active Learning Experiences

  • 58% of seniors spent at least 6 hours per week studying and doing homework
  • 44% of seniors reported challenging a professor's ideas in class
  • 73% of seniors reported they had an opportunity to work on a research project
  • 89% of seniors reported they had an opportunity to apply classroom learning to "real life" issues
  • 39% of seniors performed community service as a part of a class
  • 10% of seniors participated in a study abroad program
  • 68% of seniors worked on an independent study program
  • 36% of seniors participated in an internship program

Institutional Commitment to Student Learning and Success

  • 55% of seniors were satisfied with tutoring or other academic assistance
  • 38% of seniors were satisfied with academic advising
  • 39% of seniors were satisfied with career counseling and advising

Student Interaction with Campus Faculty and Staff

  • 72% of seniors were satisfied with the amount of contact with faculty
  • 84% of seniors reported they had an opportunity to discuss coursework outside of class
  • 61% of seniors were satisfied with their ability to find a faculty of staff mentor

Experiences with Diverse Groups of People and Ideas

  • 67% of seniors socialized or partied with students from a racial/ethnic group other than their own
  • 70% of seniors indicated they often had meaningful and honest discussions about race or ethnic relations outside of class
  • 90% of seniors stated that their knowledge of people from different races or cultures is stronger since entering college
  • 99% of seniors rated themselves as average or above average in their ability to work cooperatively with diverse people

Student Satisfaction

  • 69% of seniors were satisfied with the overall quality of instruction they received
  • 65% of seniors stated they would choose to enroll at this college again
  • 55% of seniors were satisfied with the overall sense of community among students
  • 66% of seniors were satisfied with their overall college experience

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