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Montana State University Learning Outcomes

The ETS-Proficiency Profile (formerly known as MAPP) was selected to measure student learning outcomes, specifically, written communication and critical thinking. The test is described as “an integrated test of general education skills. The full MAPP assessment provides skills sub scores for critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics. It also provides context based sub scores for humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. For the purposes of the VSA, only written communication and critical thinking sub scores will be utilized.  Both norm and criterion referenced scores are provided. Norm referenced scores are used for baseline performance or for institutional comparison while criterion referenced scores are beneficial for determining strengths and weaknesses in curriculum. As a result, MAPP can be utilized to provide institutional reporting as required by the VSA and, if desired, expanded to provide information for curricular improvement. Both paper and web based forms are available. Scores can be received by the student and/or institution immediately with the web based version.

Students and transfers are combined in the assessment results under the "Pilot Project to Measure Core Learning Outcomes" section below.