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Additional Information

Sticker Price: How much does it cost on average?

Typical Undergraduate In-State Costs for 2012-13 without Financial Aid (Full-Time, In-State Students)

Select Residency Status

Total Typical In State Cost of Attendance: $20,326

The cost to attend The University of Mississippi varies based on the individual circumstances of students and may be reduced through grants and scholarships.

Net Price: Total Cost of Attendance Minus Aid that Does Not Need to be Repaid

Total Net Price for First time In-State students enrolled full-time in a Degree-seeking program: $12,640

For more information on typical net price by average family income ranges with estimated financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans etc.) click_here.

Financial Aid: How much help is there to pay?

Scholarships & Grants

  • For Fall 2011, 70% of full-time beginning undergraduate students received an average of $6,745 in grant or scholarship aid from the federal or state government or the institution.
  • Scholarships and grants are financial aid that does not need to be repaid and is sometimes referred to as gift aid.

Aid that must be repaid: Loans

  • For Fall 2011, 45% of full-time beginning undergraduate students received an average of $6,087 in loans for their first year and 99% of students receiving loans received federal loans.
  • Loans need to be repaid. Typically, repayment starts once you are no longer enrolled full-time. Please refer to page 12 of the Funding Education Beyond High School guide on the US Department of Education's Federal Student Aid website for more information about Financial Need.

  • 47% of graduates from The University of Mississippi in 2011-12 borrowed at some time during their undergraduate studies. The average amount borrowed for those who borrowed at all was $23,986. The loan payment for this amount over 10-years at 5.25% APR is approximately $246 per month. Individual loan repayment terms may vary, please consult the University of Mississippi Financial Aid office for additional information about loan options.