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Bowie State University

Whether you are a high school senior, a community college student, a student at another four-year college seeking a more nurturing environment, or a professional interested in career advancement through graduate studies, here are four good reasons to apply to Bowie State University:

  • Academic excellence: Bowie State University has a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers 20 marketable undergraduate degrees in relevant fields, and 30 master's, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs to help people of all ages advance their careers.
  • Affordability: Undergraduate tuition for in-state residents is less than $6,000 per year. Graduate tuition rates are also low compared to those of many surrounding universities.
  • Convenience: Our campus is easily accessible by bus, MARC train, and car. We also offer courses in the evening and online.
  • Community: Bowie State University offers small class sizes, involved faculty, motivated students, a dynamic campus, state-of-the-art resources, and a dynamic, nurturing learning environment. Plus, Bowie State University offers seamless transfer equivalencies for Maryland colleges—a big advantage for transfer students and community-college students seeking to take their education to the next level.

Established in 1865, Bowie State University is the oldest historically Black institution of higher education in the State of Maryland. Also, it is one of the oldest HBI’s in the nation. The institution has evolved from a normal school into a comprehensive university that offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Currently, Bowie State University serves a diverse student population, providing educational opportunities that will enable students to function in a highly technological and interdependent world. The University continues to honor its heritage of providing access to higher education for under-represented populations, with a continuing commitment to African-Americans. Bowie State University remains a leader in the graduation of African-Americans in teacher education and technological fields.

Bowie State University fosters a supportive, rigorous, and collaborative environment that nurtures quality in academics and in professional and cross-cultural relationships. The University places particular emphasis on excellence in teaching and research on teaching methodology in order to improve the teaching-learning process. Bowie State University produces graduates who are leaders among their peers in a global community, who think critically, who value diversity, and who are committed to high moral standards.

Bowie State University is a leader in the infusion of technology into the curriculum while maintaining its role as an institution grounded in the liberal arts. The University is committed to quality education that fosters learning and enhances skill acquisition and knowledge discovery based on proven pedagogues and an up-to-date curriculum for all students at all levels. The University offers a comprehensive set of undergraduate programs in key areas such as business and management, teacher education, science and technology, and health and human services. At the post-baccalaureate level, program offering extends into areas that include the social sciences, information science and technology, and education. Students are able to pursue certificate programs as well as degrees at the master and doctoral levels.

The University is committed to recruiting and retaining a nix of students that reflect a population of honor students as well as others who demonstrate leadership qualities, display academic potential, and exhibit the motivation to learn. Bowie State University values graduate and professional education and offers an array of post-baccalaureate programs for a global audience of adult learners through traditional and alternative means.

Bowie State University’s workforce consists of a diverse group of dedicated professionals who are committed to implementing the mission of the University. The core faculty, complemented by a highly qualified adjunct faculty and supported by a skilled staff, distinguishes itself through excellence in teaching, scholarship/research, and service. The University will continue to provide excellent educational services to our students effectively and efficiently through recruitment, development, and retention of a talented workforce.

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Living in the Bulldog Community

This City of Bowie was incorporated in 1916, with a population of 600-700. The community of Huntington, the original Bowie, sometimes still called “Old Bowie,

Graphic Silhouette of College Students

The City of Bowie was incorporated in 1916, with a population of 600-700. The community of Huntington, the original Bowie, sometimes still called “Old Bowie,