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Student Activities and Involvement at UMD

UMass Dartmouth collects information annually on student satisfaction with a range of offices and functions. The campus participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and other national studies. We act on information collected across the span of the student's time with us. At the beginning, we study the characteristics and opinions of admitted students and then of those who enroll at UMass Dartmouth. We review overall information about freshman students' academics and skills in a comprehensive program that takes in continuous information about individual students and enables us to intervene positively to help students. Regularly, we survey satisfaction and interaction with campus functions including academic advising and the library. Finally, we engage graduating seniors and graduate students in a two-step process to learn about their satisfaction with curricular aspects, services, and support, their kinds and levels of engagement, and their plans for careers and further study.

Institutions participating in the VSA program measure student involvement on campus using one of four national surveys. Results from the one survey are reported for a common set of questions selected as part of VSA. Following are the selected results from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The questions have been grouped together in categories that are known to contribute to student learning and development. The results reported below are based on the responses of seniors who participated in the survey.

Group Learning Experiences

  • 97% percent of seniors worked with classmates on assignments outside of class.
  • 53% of seniors tutored or taught other students
  • 23% of seniors spent at least 6 hours per week participating in co-curricular activities such as student organizations and intramural sports

Active Learning Experiences

  • 83% of seniors spent at least 6 hours per week preparing for class
  • 22% of seniors worked on a research project with a faculty member
  • 50% of seniors participated in an internship, practicum, or field experience
  • 53% of seniors participated in community service or volunteer work
  • 8% of seniors participated in study abroad
  • 97% of seniors made at least one class presentation last year

Institutional Commitment to Student Learning and Success

  • 89% of seniors believe this institution provides support for student success
  • 58% of seniors rated the quality of academic advising at this institution as good or excellent
  • 60% of seniors reported that this institution provided help in coping with work, family and other non-academic responsibilities
  • 94% of seniors reported working harder than they thought they could to meet an instructor's standards or expectations

Student Interaction with Campus Faculty and Staff

  • 44% of seniors believed that the campus staff were helpful, considerate, or flexible
  • 74% of seniors believed that faculty are available, helpful, or sympathetic
  • 95% of seniors reported that faculty members provided prompt feedback on their academic performance
  • 66% of seniors discussed readings or ideas with faculty members outside of class

Experiences with Diverse Groups of People and Ideas

  • 63% of seniors reported that they often tried to understand someone else's point of view
  • 80% of seniors reported their experience at this institution contributed to their understanding people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • 53% of seniors often had serious conversations with students of a different race or ethnicity

Student Satisfaction

  • 68% of seniors would attend this institution if they started over again
  • 76% of seniors rated their entire educational experience as good or excellent
  • 78% of seniors reported that other students were friendly or supportive