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Louisiana State University

As Louisiana's Flagship University, LSU's spectacular campus environment, internationally renowned faculty, state-of-the-art research facilities, and supportive academic climate attract highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students.  These students are challenged to achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development. LSU provides students with wide-ranging opportunities for unparalleled faculty instruction, hands-on research, community engagement, study abroad, student leadership, and national championship athletics. LSU provides an affordable, first-rate education that combines the advantages of a top-tier university with the student-focus of a smaller campus. Our broad array of academic studies accompanies extensive individual support services, reflecting LSU's commitment to student success.

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Living in the Tiger Community

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LSU's commitment to students neither begins nor ends in the classroom. It is linked to each and every aspect of campus life. LSU has a passionate commitment to serve student needs. Our mission is to provide students with innovative and results-oriented programs, services, development opportunities, and quality-of-life facilities, which enrich and complement the classroom experience. The extraordinary resources of Student Life provide a fulfilling college experience and encourage a lifetime love of learning. Our First-Year Experience program helps to make the right connections with advisors and counselors as students choose and pursue majors in preparation for careers. With students spending much of the collegiate experience outside the classroom, the division's quality-of-life facilities are at the very heart of the common university enterprise of learning. Personal health, wellness, and fitness are life-long responsibilities. Student Life's programs and services foster physical, emotional and psychological wellness, while advancing healthy lifestyles in support of the whole individual. These offerings illustrate that, at LSU, we feel education represents much more than a collection of courses taken. It is a rich tapestry woven from experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. We hope to help each student graduate with a successful academic record complemented by a background filled with leadership and engagement.