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Seniors Participating in High-Impact Practices

This cohort is representative of students that, through the completion of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) as seniors, self-identified their participation in 1 or more "High Impact" activity over the course of their undergraduate experience.  Per NSSE, High-Impact Practices include participation in:  a learning community or similar group; a course that included a community based / service learning component; working with a faculty member on a research project; an internship, co-op, field experience, student teaching or clinical placement; a study abroad program; a culminating senior experience:  capstone course, senior project/thesis, comprehensive exam, portfolio, etc.  This cohort inculdes both first-time freshmen and transfer students.

Cohort start term: Fall 2008
Cohort size: 522

Description Within 1 years Within 3 years Within 4 years Within 5 years Within 6 years Within 7 years
Bachelors degree from Indiana State University0.2%0.6%1.3%1.7%48.3%70.8%
Associates degree from Indiana State University0.0%0.2%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Total Graduated from Indiana State University0.2%0.8%1.3%1.7%48.3%70.8%
Bachelors degree from another institution0.6%0.6%1.0%1.2%1.3%1.3%
Associates degree from another institution4.4%4.8%6.3%2.7%0.6%2.1%
Total Graduated at another institution5.0%5.4%7.3%3.9%1.9%3.4%
Enrolled at Indiana State University27.9%56.0%73.3%89.2%49.8%17.9%
Enrolled at another 4-year institution7.9%6.0%2.3%1.0%0.2%1.5%
Enrolled at another 2-year institution18.5%14.2%7.1%1.0%0.2%0.4%
Total Transferred and enrolled at another institution26.3%20.2%9.4%1.9%0%1.9%
Student Success & Progress59.4%82.4%91.3%96.7%97.9%94.0%