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NIU Classes & Instructors

Classroom Environment
Students per Faculty 15 to 1
Undergraduate classes with fewer than 30 students 72%
Undergraduate classes with fewer than 50 students 89%
Total Full-Time Instructional Faculty 847
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Are Female 46%
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Are Persons of Color 25%
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Have the Highest Academic Degree Offered in Their Field of Study 82%

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Campus-based Housing

90% of new freshmen live in campus-based housing or residence halls. 32% of all undergraduates live on campus.

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Campus Safety

The Northern Illinois University Department of Police and Public Safety is committed to ensuring that NIU is one of the safest educational institutions in the nation.

The University employs more than 60 full-time, sworn police officers who are committed to a holistic, integrated approach to the philosophy of community policing. These dedicated people are an integral part of every aspect of campus life. Their mission is not merely to enforce the law, but also to educate students, faculty, staff and the visiting public as to how in cooperation with the police they can be better prepared to take care of themselves and their property.

The police interact with members of the community daily, building healthy, wholesome relationships and extensive interpersonal networks that allow them to proactively mitigate potential problems and implement solutions before trouble arises.

Campus Crime Statistics

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