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U Idaho Classes & Instructors

Classroom Environment
Students per Faculty 16 to 1
Undergraduate classes with fewer than 30 students 77%
Undergraduate classes with fewer than 50 students 91%
Total Full-Time Instructional Faculty 558
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Are Female 36%
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Are Persons of Color 13%
% of Full-Time Instructional Faculty Who Have the Highest Academic Degree Offered in Their Field of Study 78%

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Campus-based Housing

86% of new freshmen live in campus-based housing or residence halls. 23% of all undergraduates live on campus.

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Campus Safety

The personal safety and security of students, faculty and staff are high priorities at the University of Idaho. The goal of the University of Idaho is to provide a drug-, discrimination-, and violence-free campus and workplace where students can pursue their education. The University of Idaho forbids any practices or regulations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability. Such practices will neither be condoned nor permitted in any area of University of Idaho operations, including "personnel appointments, student admissions, housing assignments, use of dining halls, classrooms, or other facilities, or in any activities of the faculty, staff, or students that may be commonly regarded as sponsored or sanctioned by University of Idaho." Concerning drugs and alcohol, specifically, the Regents Policy states that, "It is a violation of regents' policy for any member of the faculty, staff, or student body to jeopardize the academic operation or interest of University of Idaho through the use of alcohol or drugs." Furthermore, the University of Idaho has stated within its role that "University of Idaho does not condone or remain indifferent to any act or conduct that impairs the pursuit or dissemination of knowledge or that may be judged to have a deleterious effect upon the academic community." Information concerning University of Idaho policies that may be of interest can be viewed here. The University of Idaho campus is a safe campus. The University of Idaho has worked closely with law enforcement for the City of Moscow to create a Campus Division that specializes in University of Idaho security and policing (crime statistics for campus for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010 can be viewed here, under the "Annual Security Report"). We also have a Violence Prevention Programs Office that educates students on risk reduction as well as advocacy for victims of crimes. The University of Idaho Environmental Health & Safety Office, in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management, is responsible for overseeing safe workplace and research practices and the appropriateness of campus conditions for the safety and welfare of the campus community.

Campus Crime Statistics

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