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Georgia Southern University Learning Outcomes

Georgia Southern University is committed to the assessment of student learning as a continuous process. Central to Georgia Southern’s assessment efforts is the Academic Assessment Steering Committee, formed to establish assessment guidelines and policies for all colleges and programs and to design and implement the process by which all student learning assessment plans are reviewed annually to ensure quality and consistency in student learning assessment at Georgia Southern University. In addition, Program Assessment Leaders, faculty members from specific colleges, are instrumental in leading assessment efforts to maximize student learning.  Equally important to this assessment process is the university’s General Education and Core Assessment Team,  which focuses on the broader scope of our students’ education, including written communication, critical thinking, and other essential General Education Competencies.  These groups, committed to ongoing support and review of all student learning, ensure that all programs:
·Have documented expected student learning outcomes
·Supply direct measures to determine achievement 
·Have established expected achievement levels for assessing learning outcomes
·Use assessment results to determine appropriate actions to maximize the learning process
·Implement actions and evaluate effect on student learning
In addition to the ongoing efforts of the Academic Assessment Steering Committee and the General Education and Core Assessment Team, all academic programs at Georgia Southern, including the general education program, have initiated an ongoing cycle of assessment and improvement. All academic units have established procedures to ensure that program assessment activities are completed on a regular cycle and that student learning outcomes are an integral part of that process. To further ensure quality in its academic programs, Georgia Southern University has established a process for program review and assessment. This Comprehensive Review Process (CPR) ensures that program outcomes are clearly defined, student learning outcomes are measureable, and review findings are used for program improvement.  Assessment of student learning outcomes at Georgia Southern University is,therefore, more than the work of selected committees or the result of an isolated test. It is a continual, collective effort to  maximize student learning.