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Florida State University Learning Outcomes

Florida State University has a long commitment to our students as evidenced by our national reputation as a leader in student success. In the past ten years, the four-year graduation rate has improved by 33% and the six-year graduation rate is projected to be among the top 25 out of 72 national public research universities that have very high research activities. When US News predicted graduation rates based on various measures of the entering freshman class, FSU's students exceed those expectations by 9 percentage points. Only two of the top universities performed better.

The Florida State University Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE) provides preparation, orientation, and academic support programming for students who are among the first in their family to attend college and may face unique challenges in college because of educational or economic circumstances. Through strong programming and support, these students graduate at the same rate as (and occasionally better than) their fellow students - making the program a leader among national universities.

FSU has not participated in any of the VSA-approved benchmarking surveys in the past three years. Instead, the focus is on developing "Think FSU" - a ten-year project designed to improve critical thinking among students. That project will use both the Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT) and the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to measure student learning and instructional effectiveness.

Visit the "Learning Assessment Examples" link below to to learn more about some of the measures of undergraduate performance at FSU.

Additional data can be found at http://ir.fsu.edu.

Learning Assessment Examples