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Founded in 1851, Florida State University is a comprehensive, national, graduate-research university offering more than 300 outstanding academic and professional degrees in top flight programs ranging from Business and Physics to Music and Creative Writing.

Florida State University provides extraordinary opportunities for undergraduate students to build a strong foundation in their chosen fields; study abroad at the university’s overseas campuses; engage in scores of service activities, benefit from world class library and technical facilities; participate in extensive intramural and recreational events; and interact with some of the finest students and faculty in the nation in a distinctive, welcoming environment. The university instills the strength, skill, and character essential for lifelong learning, personal responsibility, and achievement.

Living in the Seminoles Community

As a major research university, Florida State University is home to numerous programs of research and scholarship that are considered among the best in the world in their fields.

Many members of the faculty are considered the preeminent experts in their areas. Among these leading faculty members are two Pulitzer Prize winners and a Nobel Laureate. FSU’s faculty has an overriding interest in helping the university’s students—and especially its undergraduates—learn and achieve in the institution’s classrooms, research laboratories, theaters and studios. FSU equips most classrooms and teaching laboratories with advanced technology so that members of the faculty take advantage of the newest Internet-based educational tools to keep students in touch with their learning even when they are outside the classroom. Undergraduates have many chances to partner with faculty and research groups to engage in research and creative activity at the intellectual cutting edge. From the university's research laboratories to its performance halls and galleries, FSU is a great place to learn and achieve.

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