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Humboldt State University

At Humboldt State University, students enjoy an extraordinary college experience. They are part of a tight-knit community where learning takes place in small classes and professors know them by name. And they live in a beautiful area known for its redwood forests and expansive beaches. Humboldt State offers 47 majors and 84 minors. Programs in natural resources and sciences are nationally recognized, while the arts and business are also popular areas of study. HSU prides itself on its commitment to environmental responsibility and social justice. In 1987 students created the Graduation Pledge to inspire graduates to consider the social and environmental impact of their careers. This, along with programs like a student-run eco-demonstration house and student-led campus energy savings projects, contributed to HSU being named to Princeton Review's list of Green Colleges.


Living in the Humboldt State Community

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California’s North Coast is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, and, for Humboldt State students, it’s also a laboratory for learning. Students picnic at the same beaches where they study marine life, and they learn from the world’s foremost expert on redwood canopies. They do film shoots, wildlife studies and archaeological digs. They carry out projects on the Coral Sea, the only research vessel in America used primarily for undergraduate research. They work with leading experts in sustainable energy at the Schatz Energy Research Center and they study the stars at the campus observatory. Humboldt State’s hometown of Arcata is a vibrant and welcoming community filled with music, art and festivals. It has been called one of the top college towns by Outside magazine and a “next great adventure town