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California State University, Sacramento

Redefine the Possible

Thank you for your interest in California State University, Sacramento, or Sacramento State as we’re typically called. After learning more about us, we hope you’ll find we hold excellent opportunities to help you redefine what’s possible for you and your future. Here, you’ll find many opportunities to do so. We’re a large and lively campus with a small campus feel. Our students say they love the diversity of Sacramento State—the staff, faculty, and fellow students who come from various cultures, many regions within and beyond California, and who speak various languages. At Sacramento State, you can study almost any subject you can imagine. But even more than that, Sacramento State is a great place to take part in the “whole student experience.” Please explore this site more, and come visit us on campus.

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Living in the Sacramento State Community

The Sacramento State Community

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Did you know that most American college students spend between 12 and 15 hours each week in the classroom? Even after you finish studying for class, there still will be plenty of time for other things. At Sacramento State, we hope that you’ll spend some of it getting involved in the student clubs, cultural organizations, intramural teams, leadership experiences, recreational trips or community service projects we offer. In addition, our campus recently opened a new recreation and wellness center (the WELL) with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a climbing wall, a huge gym, health and counseling services, and much more.

We also hope that you take advantage of the academic and student support systems we provide such as tutoring, the Writing Center, the Academic Advising Center, and the Financial Aid Office. If you need to find a job, visit the Career Center on campus. Staff can help you identify the type of on- or off-campus job that gives you the flexibility you need to take classes and keep your studies your top priority. And if you are coming to Sac State as a new student, we strongly recommend that you check out the residence halls and the new American River Courtyard suites. Living on campus is convenient, safe, affordable, and fun. Chances are good that you will make life-long friends with other students living in your building. Studies should always come first, but the more you get connected, join a group, and hang out on campus, the more you’ll feel a part of it all.