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California State University Channel Islands Learning Outcomes

CI students must meet specified learning outcomes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  All students must meet seven learning outcomes that map to the university’s mission and the California State University general education requirements.  All students must also meet outcomes defined by their selected course of study, including degree(s), minor(s), emphasis(es).  All outcomes can be found in SLO Flashlet found here:  http://www.csuci.edu/continuousimprovement/documents/slo-flashlet-2014.pdf

CI has made a concerted effort to weave general undergraduate learning outcomes and program outcomes across the curriculum so no one class represents competency in a particular area and students have an opportunity to demonstrate competency and continual improvement across their undergraduate experience.  Student achievement of these outcomes are measured through several methods:

  • Applying modified AAC&U Leap Value Rubrics to signature assignments to assess student achievement of general education outcomes via general education and major courses.
  • Applying in-house developed rubrics in general education outcomes (such as writing and information literacy) or within programs to assess student work via portfolios, creative works, performances, projects, posters, papers, or capstone projects.
  • Using standardized tests within disciplines or such as the CLA to assess outcomes achievement or competency.

Results of these assessments are analyzed and used by program faculty to make meaningful change that improves student learning.  Results and improvements can be found in the self-study which is required as part of the CI Program Review Process every five years.  The review process includes external reviewers  component.  All documents (self-study, external reviews, internal reviews, and action-plans) are shared and discuss by CI’s Continuous Improvement Committee that includes representatives from all academic programs, key academic units (Library, Writing Center, etc.), academic centers (Integrative, International, Multicultural, Community Engagement), and major grants.  For more information on CI Program Review see  http://www.csuci.edu/continuousimprovement/program-review.htm.